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Share our Briefing - House of Lords - Committee Stage. January 2022

This briefing document is aimed at providing background and context on the tabled Chagos Islanders Amendment. This has been shared with the peers of the House of Lords in preparation of Committee Stage from January 27th.

The current amendment, has the support of 3 peers - Baroness Lister, Baroness Ludford and Lord Woolley. We are yet to see a Conservative peer sign their name to the amendment. With positive responses from peers recently, we are hoping for a much more positive result in the House of Lords. Peers seem more sympathetic to the cause.

We hope we have done enough to lobby peers in the Lords. If you want to help, you can also share this briefing document on social media, email it to Conservative peers. We have put together an email template and a list of key Conservative peers who you can email. You can also attach the brief to your email, or link to our online PDF.

Email template to email members of the House of Lords:

Email Template
Download DOCX • 8KB

List of key Conservative members of the House of Lords (you can just pick 1 or 2 from this list to email):

House of Lords - Tory peers - NBB
Download XLSX • 42KB

BIOT Citizens Briefing document - you can attach this to your emails:

NBB Briefing - BIOT Citizens - Lords Committee, 2022 .docx (1)
Download PDF • 273KB

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