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Nationality and Borders Bill - Revised Amendment, proposed by Baroness Lister of Burtersett

Revised Amendment - Committee stage
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Revised Chagos Islanders Amendment - New Provision proposed by Baroness Lister of Burtersett, House of Lords Committee

We have worked together with Baroness Lister, Alex Finch of Fragomen LLP, BOTC Campaign, PRCBC and Amnesty International to propose a compromised version of Henry Smith MP's original NC2 Chagossian Amendment. The comprimise is on the “open-ended” nature of the initial Amendment put forth at Report Stage in the Commons. A compromise based on a limitation of 5 years for BIOT descendants to register as BOTC and British Citizens. We hope this compromise will be viewed positively by peers.

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Ti Coeur Anna
Ti Coeur Anna

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