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Chagossian Survey 2021 - Native and Descendants Census

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The BIOT Citizens platform have created a survey which we hope all Chagossian groups and platforms will be able to distribute to create a census on the descendants of Chagossians and the overall population of Chagossians itself.

This survey will be used for the Nationality and Border Bill. Focused on descendants of Chagos, to ascertain how many want to claim their rights to British citizenship and how many would want to relocate to UK if given the opportunity. The same census is being used to also get a better idea of the updated numbers of Chagossians around the world. If you have close networks or specific people in the community you think would like to fill this out, here is the link to the survey form: SURVEY

We need a defining number of descendants, mainly grandchildren of 2nd generation and after who would want to claim their rights to British Citizenship. Should Henry Smith's amendment fall through, we're working on collating this information to share with the responsible people, Home Secretary and Immigration ministers to show exactly how many descendants would want to be British and relocate to UK. We're also using the same survey to assess the Chagossian population as a whole, so if you are a native you can also fill out this form.

We greatly appreciate the help of all parties involved to help the grandchildren of Chagossians claim their rights to British Citizenship.

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