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70 year old Chagos native, homeless in Mauritius for over 20 years

English version:

Good morning BIOT family. We'd like to introduce you to Mr Noël Victorine, it's been 70 years since his birth on the island of Solomon, in the Chagos Archipelago. He is a native, living in La Baie in the Kiosque for 20 years... 20 years of living in solitude... 20 years of no-one offering him any support... thankfully he has a friend who comes to see him every now and then... yesterday I went to meet him... his testimony is even more powerful than his current situation... the suffering inflicted upon him since the deportation from Chagos... he hasn't forgotten anything... he receives a pension and has never asked for charity... not one group or individual in his community has come to see him, nobody tried to help him... until even he was ashamed of saying he was a Chagossian... but after I met him the emotions between us were memorable... he is asking just for a house, something he can pay the rent with his pension... BIOT family, this is not how humans should live, his human rights are not being respected... today many groups will try to take the glory under Mr Noel's name, but why today... why didn't anyone see him before... given he's been at La Baie for 20 years, morning and night, through rain and sunshine. His dream, to build a future for his children and his descendants... we are not here to judge anyone based on their situation, we are here to show that we can work together... we are human, and like Mr Noel, we are part of a community... it has come a time to stop thinking only about ourselves, it's time we start thinking about the future of our community also... if we think about it... our community does not exist without us, and we do not exist without our community...we will have no influence over the outcome of our futures... so please be aware that interested governments may not be truthful...

Kreol version:

Bonjour la famille BIOT... Mo présente zot misier Noël Victorine, 70 ans kine prnd naissnace lor zil Salomon dan chagos. Sa natif la rest la baie dan kiosque depi 20ans... 20ans ki li ress dan so solitude... 20ans ki personne pane vine done li oken soutien... par grace li ena en kamarade ki vine get li pran so nouvel de temps à autre... hier mo nal à la rencontre de sa grand dimoune la, et fami, so témoignage enkor pli poignant ki so situation... souffrance ki line paC ici maurice kan zot ti debarquer... li pane bliyé nanier...pourtant li ggn so pension li pas dimane charité... mais oken groupe, individu, dan so communauté pane vine get li, pane apporte ene soutien pu li... ziska li mem li ti p honté pu dir ki li chagossien... mais apré nous rencontre, l'émotion ki ti p planner enba sa kiosque la ti mémorable... li dimane zis ene lakaz, mem louer kot li kapav paye li avec so ti pension... fami BIOT, en tant ki humain, li pas ene fason pu viv, so droit humain pas respecter ditou...zordi plisir groupe pu paC pu prnd la gloire lor nom misié Noël, mais kifer zrdi... kifer personne pane truv li avan sa... pourtant 20ans li la baie, matin soir, lapli soleil. So rev, batir ene lavenir prosperant pu so ban zanfan ek so déscendants... nous pas la pu juge dimoune de part zot situation, nu la pu nu montrer ki nou kapav mars ensam... nous humain, et couma misier Noël, nous forme parti ene Communauté... ine arrive ler pu arrete pense zis nou mem, ine arrive ler pu nous pense prolongement nou communauté aussi... car reflési bien vou zot... nu communauté pas exister si pna nou, et nou pas exister si nou pna nou communauté, nou pu wadir ene pirogue dans grand vent, vogue kot labrise pousse nou... samem kine arriV pu zrdi nou p fight... alor pren conscience lor conséquence vive dan mensonge...

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